5 Ways To Get Your Office Ready For Christmas!

5 Ways To Get Your Office Ready For Christmas!

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Christmas time, filing and deadlines. Colleagues rushing home to get wine. (We hope you read that as Cliff Richard’s Mistletoe and Wine. If you didn’t, please re-read!)

Christmas is vast approaching, but of course you already knew that. We imagine you are feeling a tad stressed and that’s okay. Your work may be on the wind down, or you may be trying to fit too much into each day so you can have Christmas off. Either way, your office needs to be ready for Christmas. Jobs done, files organised and work finished, so you can have the Christmas holiday you deserve.

2020 best be ready for how productive you’re going to be!

‘Howwwwww’ we hear you cry. You’re busy as it is. Don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. To make your life easier. These are 5 very simple ways to get your office ready for Christmas, and your working life in order, so you can come home stress-free for Christmas.

Step 1) Declutter your paperwork

This is not as scary as it sounds, here’s what to do…

Grab everything – Collect all your paperwork; all bits on your desk, in drawers, underneath your desk and stuffed in various dark corners of the office (don’t worry, everyone does it).

Create piles – Go through the paperwork (we recommend putting on some of your favourite music to keep you going) and sort them into 3 piles, ‘Keep’, ‘Chuck’, ‘Shred’.

Deal with your piles – For your ‘Keep’ pile, decide which ones you want a hard copy of and which ones you can scan and keep an online copy of. File your hard copies into a labelled binder for future use. For your ‘chuck’ pile, simply recycle them. Just make sure they don’t have any personal information on, or else they will need shredding. For your ‘Shred’ pile, do just that and recycle the filings.

Step 2) Clear out your desk

Now that your paperwork has gone, it’s time to make sure the rest of your desk is decluttered. Remove any rubbish, old snacks (we’re not judging), random cutlery items in your drawer, any pens that no longer work, empty packages, etc. Sort through each drawer and remove anything you don’t need. This will give you an idea of any stationery you need for the new year and give you a clean space to work from. Ready to live your most productive life in January.

Step 3) Empty office fridge

We have all been there. We’ve come back from Christmas break to discover some festering, moldy, horror movie type scene in the office fridge. Not this year. Make sure your fridge is completely empty, and once it is, take this as the time to clean it out. Don’t want to do that? Not a problem. We can do that for you.

Step 4) Celebrate all your wins this year

It’s very easy for us to just think about the new year approaching. We get into a mindset of focusing only on what we need to improve, what goals we need to achieve, what more can we do. Whilst that is all well and good, it’s also really important to reflect on what you’ve done well this year. Have a team meeting and discuss your wins, the things you’ve been awesome at and celebrate each other. This will help reduce stress levels and create a much more positive mindset ready for Christmas and work in January.

Step 5) Clean it up

It’s time to get your office cleaned up. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Tidy space, tidy mind. You’ve cleaned up your desk, your fridge is empty. Now it’s time to get rid off the dust, dirt and grime, ready for a clean slate in the new year. Not convinced? See our last post ‘3 Shocking Reasons Why Hiring A Cleaner Will Save You Money’ to see the gross hygiene facts and statistics about an office environment.

And don’t worry. You don’t have to do it! We know you’re busy. Just give us a call and we will come in and get your office Christmas ready. You don’t have to lift a finger.

As an extra Christmas treat, use code ‘MoppCommercial15’ to receive 15% off your Christmas clean with us. *T&C’s apply.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Moppettes! X

*Weekly or Fortnightly cleaning service must be booked – 15% discount applied to first clean only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer

3 Shocking Reasons Why Hiring A Cleaner Will Save You Money!

3 Shocking Reasons Why Hiring A Cleaner Will Save You Money!


Yes, you read that correctly. Hiring a cleaner will save you money. Not cost you. In fact, it’s probably one of the best investments you could make for your business right now.

We know that times can be tough, and money doesn’t grow on trees, but we have 3 shocking reasons why you can’t afford not to have a cleaner. After all, you’ve worked this hard, you don’t want it all going to waste.

1) It will reduce the number of staff stick days!

Calling in sick for work because of the dirty office environment

Studies have shown that 60% of staff sick days can be caused by unclean workplaces; costing the average UK business around £120,00 a year! Can you really afford not to have a cleaner?

‘How can having a clean desk make such a difference?!’ I hear you say? Here’s why…

  • The average computer keyboard can contain up to 500 times the number of bacteria than a public toilet *slowly backs away from keyboard*
  • In this study, a whopping 95% of people failed to wash their hands properly. How many people are in your office? Sharing a kitchen area, phone, desk space or room? How many of your co-workers would fall into that 95% do you think?
  • Not only are germs transferred via our hands, but cold and flu viruses can survive for up to 18 hours on surfaces! These bacteria can also increase by up to 31% a day if surfaces aren’t cleaned properly. We don’t like the sound of those odds!

2) It will massively increase productivity and staff morale

Powering through to-do list because of having a cleaner in their office

It was recently reported that 82% of staff feel they would be more productive in a cleaner office environment, with 35% of employees naming the office environment as the biggest cause of work-related stress.

As business owners we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our staff. They are the core of every business. If your staff are happy and productive, the quality, and quantity, of the work your business is producing increases. It’s a win-win all round.

3) It sets the tone for your whole brand

Discussing the tone of your business and how that starts with a clean office

Would you want your business to appear messy, unorganized and in disarray? Or would you rather you were known for being well-structured, professional and polished (pun intended)?

If the answer is the latter, how are you meant to achieve that with a chaotic office? Your whole image is what makes up your brand. Make sure you appear as the business you know you are. Always.

That way, if a client pops in, you’re holding interviews, or building your team, everyone receives the same professional brand impression. People trust a strong brand image and people’s trust is what builds your business.

There you have it. Three shocking reasons why having a cleaner will save you money.

We really believe in our business here at Mrs Mopp and we know you believe in yours too. Let us help you build a brilliant business by saving you money, looking out for your staff and supporting your brand.

As a way of showing you how much we believe in your business, use code ‘MoppCommercial10’ when booking in with us, for 10% off your first clean with us. *

*Weekly or Fortnightly cleaning service must be booked – 10% discount applied to first clean only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.